We have enjoyed our fall fundraisers. So far this year, we enjoyed donuts from Krispie Kreme, pizza from Monicals and cookies that we could bake at home with our families. We raised money for our classroom supplies for the holidays and money to improve our playground. Work on the playground will begin this spring!

  Our next fundraiser is at Avantis on Feb 1, 2017. We hope all our preschool families and church family join us for a nice evening of Italian food. 20% of the daily sales comes to our preschool. 


Office Depot 5% Back to Schools Program
If you shop at Office Depot and would like to support the preschool, please present this ID # 70200154 at check out.  5 % of your qualifying purchases will be donated to the preschool account to help us purchase supplies.

Eco Recycling
We collect the following items to be recycled:  cell phones (please no chargers or accessories), inkjet cartridges (liquid, not powder), MP3 Players, digital camera, handheld game systems, laptop computers, ipads and tablets, portable GPS devices, radar detectors, E-Book readers, and graphing calculators.