4s Class


Welcome to the PreK Class at Shining Lights Preschool!  We are excited to have you in our family and we are looking forward to a great year!

Pre K Class                                        March 2018

Classroom News

February was filled with love!  We learned about God’s command for us to love each other.  The children learned that sharing, using kind words, and helping others are all ways to show love to others.  We also learned about Community Helpers.  Check out the wall in the hallway to see what your child wants to be when they grow up!  We also had a visitor from Pediatric Smiles come in and teach us about taking care of our teeth.  The Kindness Tree was a big success!  The children did a wonderful job of showing kindness!  We are looking forward to learning all about Easter in March!

We continue to work on letter recognition and sounds, writing and cutting skills, sight words, listening while others speak, and being attentive during circle time.  The children will be ready for kindergarten!

Parent/Teacher Conferences Thank you for coming in for Parent/Teacher conferences!  It was great to see you!

Bella Gets Rescued On Tuesday, March 6 we have the privilege of having a local Christian author come to our school!  She wrote the book Bella Gets Rescued.  She will be coming for a morning filled with games, activities, and story time!  Parents are welcome to attend!  We will begin at 9:30. The afternoon class will be attending in the morning this day. 

Kindergarten Registration Unit 5 will be holding kindergarten registration on Tuesday, March 13th.   You can check their website, unit5.org for times.  If your child will be attending District 87, Tri Valley, or Trinity, please check their websites for registration information. 

Upcoming Dates

March 6                  Special Guest   Both classes attend 8:15 – 10:30

March 26- return April 3          Spring Break – No school

Pre K Class                                                        February 2018

Classroom News

January kept us very busy!  We learned about the season of Winter, cooked “snowflakes” with Miss Dona, learned about being healthy, and celebrated Lutheran Schools Week and our 20th Anniversary!  We are so very grateful to Christ Lutheran Church and to all the wonderful families like you who have shared their children with us!      In February we will be learning about Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Community Helpers. We will continue to work on kindergarten readiness skills.   We looking forward to our Valentine’s Day party! 

Valentine’s Day Party      Our Valentine’s Day Party on Wednesday, February 14th at 9:45.  The children can bring in valentines for their friends.  We do ask that they only write their name in the “from” section and leave the “to” section blank.  This way they can deliver one valentine to each friend and not have to match the names.  They can bring their completed valentines to school any time before the 14th.  If you would like to help with our party, there will be a sign up sheet out in the classroom.   If you would like to provide a craft/project for the children to do, provide a snack and/or drink, or provide paper products please let me know!  BOTH CLASSES WILL BE TOGETHER THIS DAY.  CLASS TIME IS 8:15-10:30.

Parent/Teacher Conferences      We will be holding Parent/Teacher Conferences on February 21st and 22nd.  Due to the fact that we have many parents who are unable to come into the classroom to sign up for conference times, we are trying a new way to do this.  You have received an email inviting you to sign up for a conference time through Sign Up Genius.  Please enter this site and choose your conference time.  Conference usually take about 10-15 minutes.  There are time slots available between 8:00 and 2:00 each day. Please remember there is no class on those days.

Kindness Tree     Your child brought home a note about our Kindness Tree on Tuesday.  We are looking for and encouraging acts of kindness at school and hope you are looking for and encouraging them at home as well!  When your child does an act of kindness, write it on the heart they brought home and they can hang it on the tree in the hallway!  We are hoping for at least 100 acts of kindness!  If we reach that goal we will have an ice cream party!

Kindergarten Registration    It is almost time to register for kindergarten!  We will be posting dates as school districts release them.  Unit 5 has already set theirs for Tuesday, March 13th.  Keep your eyes open for your school districts dates!

Upcoming Dates      February 14            Valentine’s Day Party 9:45

February 19-20       No School Due to President’s Day and Unit 5 Institute Day

February 21-22        Parent/Teacher Conferences – No School

Birthdays                                  Ishan    Feb. 18

Pre K Class                                                          January 2018

Classroom News     December was full of joy and celebration as we learned of the true meaning of Christmas and the most wonderful gift ever!  The children loved acting out the story of the Nativity!  They enjoyed making wonderful Christmas crafts and ornaments, singing Christmas songs for the Sharing Joys bible class at church, and even making a “Jesus in the manger” snack!  The Polar Express field trip was enjoyed by all!  We topped off the month with a celebration of Jesus’ birth at our Christmas Program.     

     In January we will be learning about the season of Winter, Winter Animals, Health and Fitness.  Our journey through the alphabet will continue with the letters M, N, O, and W.   We will also celebrate Lutheran Schools Week and Shining Lights Preschool’s 20th Anniversary!  More information will be coming home soon!

Parent/Teacher Conferences       We will be holding Parent/Teacher Conferences in February.  These are short meetings in which we will discuss skills assessments, which we are completing during class, kindergarten readiness, and any other items you would like to discuss.  There will be a sign up sheet in the classroom later on in January.  There will be no class on conference days.

Kindergarten Preparedness       We work hard each and every day on kindergarten readiness skills.  As we enter the second half of the school year, we will focus even more on these skills.  Sitting and focusing on longer (age appropriate) lessons, raising hands to talk, following multi step directions, and self help skills, such as putting on and zipping their own coats are all things we will work towards.  These skills are every bit as important as academic skills in being prepared for kindergarten!  We will also continue to work on letter recognition/sounds and writing skills.

Kindergarten Registration     It is almost time to register for kindergarten!  We will be posting dates as school districts release them.  Unit 5 has already set theirs for Tuesday, March 13th.  Keep your eyes open for your school districts dates!

Upcoming Dates

January 22-25         Lutheran Schools Week

January 27             SLP 20th Anniversary Celebration

February 14            Valentine’s Day Party 9:45   COMBINED CLASSES

February 21-22        Parent/Teacher Conferences

Birthdays                                                   Half Birthdays

18     Ansley                                                           July 1     Paul

24    Cameron                                                                  July 19    Kyle

24    Mayson          

Classroom Notes  Nov. 2017

We have had such a wonderful month of October!  We enjoyed a visit from the firemen, we learned about Fall and made scarecrows, leaves, and pumpkins of all kinds!  I think the children loved the fizzy pumpkins the most!  We had a fun “What’s Cookin’ Wednesday” with Miss Dona and made our very own pizzas!  We have learned the letters C, D, E, and P and we continue to learn God’s word through Noah and Abraham.  November will be filled with learning about families and Thanksgiving. 

 Grandparent/VIP Day

We will be holding our Grandparent/VIP day on Thurs., Nov. 16.  There will be a program beginning at 9:30, followed by a snack and craft time. Both classes will meet from 8:15 to 10:30.   We look forward to seeing everyone! 

Writing Skills

We spend time at school working on fine motor skills.  You see some of the activities come home in the form of projects.  However, we work on these skills in different ways each and everyday.  For instance, playing with playdough, free drawing, stacking blocks, and painting are all helping to strengthen the muscles used in writing and cutting.  Any additional practice at home will also help your child!


Please remember to take a moment to check your child’s bag every night.  They bring things home almost every day!  We don’t want you to miss important notes or miss seeing the wonderful work your child is doing at school!

Birthdays      Kameron    Nov. 6

 Upcoming Events      Nov. 16          Grandparent/VIP Day           Combined classes

Nov. 20-24    Thanksgiving Break

 Contact Info       Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns! 

PreK Class                                               October 2017

Classroom Notes  September had us very busy with such topics as All About Me, Apples, Creation, and the letters A and B.  We went to music and Chapel and enjoyed meeting Mrs. Patty and Pastor Huehn and Pastor Fitzner.  We had our first Cooking with Miss Dona and made apple treats.  One of the highlights of the month was the field trip to Rader Family Farms! We look forward to learning about fall, fire safety, and pumpkins in the month of October. 

 Family Pictures There is still time to send in your family pictures!  The children love to show their family to our class! 

Fall Party  We will have our Fall Party on Thursdays, October 26th.  The children can wear their non scary costumes to school.  They do not need to bring any props or accessories for their costume to school.  We will be parading through the church to trick or treat beginning at 9:45.  There will be a party following the parade.  Parents are welcome to attend!  We will have a sign up sheet in our room if you would like to help with games or a treat for the class!

Bags/Backpacks Please remember to take a moment to check your child’s bag every night.  They bring things home almost every day!  We don’t want you to miss important notes or miss seeing the wonderful work your child is doing at school!


Skye           Oct. 11      Juliana        Oct.  26

 Upcoming Events

Oct. 9  No School Columbus Day

Oct. 26  Fall Party – Both classes in the morning 8:15-10:30

 Pre K Class                                     August/ September 2017

We will hit the ground running in September.  We will cover such topics as All About Me and Apples.  We will also look at all the wonderful things God has created and learn our first bible verse.   We will begin our alphabet study with some fun with “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!”  We also have our first field trip to Rader Family Farms scheduled!

Scholastic Book Orders  Each month you will receive a book order from Scholastic Book Clubs.  You are not obligated to order anything.  You have the opportunity to purchase books to build your child’s library.  We can’t stress enough the importance of reading to your child everyday.  A child who loves to read is on the road to academic success! 

 Journals    We will be using alphabet journals throughout the year to help practice letter writing and sounds.  It will be used at school all year and sent home in May.  We hope that you are also practicing letter writing at home!

Alphabet Envelopes   You will soon be receiving a note regarding our Alphabet Envelopes.  This is an envelope that will come home each week that we introduce a new letter.  We ask that you help your child find a picture that begins with that letter sound and put it in the envelope and return it to school by Thursday of that week.  Each child will get the opportunity to share their picture with the class.

Homework    As we conclude our letter lesson for the week, we will send home a handwriting practice page for that letter.   We hope that your child will practice at home.  If they return the paper completed they will earn a sticker for their effort.  It is not mandatory.  However, it is strongly encouraged!

Extra Clothes

If you have not already done so, please send in a complete change of clothes in a plastic bag with your child’s name on it.   Accidents do happen and it is helpful to have a change of clothes available.   We will send them home in May.

Birthdays       Cohen              Sept. 10

 Upcoming Events

Ice Cream Social    Sept.  14

Field trip                Sept. 27

Picture Day             Sept. 28

Pre K Schedule           2017-2018


          Themes:  All About Me, Apples

          Letters:  Alphabet Introduction, A, B

          WOW:    the, of

          Bible Stories:  Creation – God made the world, God made people

          Memory Verse:  “In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth.”  Genesis 1:1


          Themes:  Fire Safety, Fall

          Letters:  C, D, F, P

          WOW:    and, a, to, in

          Bible Stories:  Noah and the Flood, The Tower of Babel, God’s Promise to Abraham, Joseph and His Brothers

          Memory Verse:  “Do not be afraid for I am with you.”  Isaiah 43:5


          Themes:  Family, Thanksgiving

          Letters:  E, G, T

          WOW:    is, you, that, it

          Bible Stories:  Jacobs Troubles, Moses’ Birth, The Ten Commandments, Giving Thanks

          Memory Verse:  “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good.  His love endures forever.”

                                      Psalm 107:1


          Themes:  Christmas – Preparing for Jesus’ Birth, Jesus is Born

          Letters:  H, J, I

          WOW: he, was, for

          Bible Stories:  The Savior is Coming, The Angels and Shepherds, The Wise Men Find Jesus

          Memory Verse:  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only son.”  John 3:16


          Themes:  Winter, Health, Lutheran Schools Week

          Letters:  K, M, N, W

          WOW:  on, are, as, with

          Bible Stories:  Jesus as a Young Boy, Jesus Heals a Blind Man, LSW Theme

          Memory Verse: “Do to others as you would have done to you.”  Luke 6:31


          Themes:  Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Community Helpers

          Letters:  L, V, O

          WOW:  his, they, I

          Bible Stories:  Jesus Feeds 5000, The Good Samaritan, The Lost Son

          Memory Verse: “My command is this:  Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:12


          Themes:  Dr. Seuss, Spring, Easter

          Letters:  Q, U, R

          WOW:  at, be, this

          Bible Stories:  Jesus Rides Into Jerusalem, Last Supper, Easter Morning

          Memory Verse:  “He is not here.  He is risen.”  John 24:6


          Themes:  Spring, Caterpillars and Butterflies, Five Senses

          Letters:  X, Y, Z

          WOW:  have, from, or, one

          Bible Stories:  Zacchaeus, Jesus’ Ascension

          Memory Verse:  “Forgive us our sins for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.” Luke 11:4


          Themes:  Summer, Flowers

          Letters:  Alphabet Review

          WOW:  Review

          Bible Stories:  Sharing the Good News

          Memory Verse:  “Go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone.”  Mark 16:15

Pre K Daily Schedule   2017 -2018

 8:15                          Arrival/Check In                           11:45

8:30                         Class Meeting – Calendar            12:00

8:40-9:05                  Centers/Small Groups                  12:10–12:35

9:05-9:15                  Circle Time                                    12:35-12:45

9:15-9:30                  Activity/Craft                                       12:45-1:00

9:30-9:50                  Snack                                              1:00-1:20

9:50-10:00               Bible Story/Activity                      1:20-1:30

10:00-10:15              Large Motor                                  1:30-1:45

10:15-10:25               Journals/Show and Tell                       1:45-1:55

10:25                        Pack Up                                         1:55

10:30                       Dismissal                                                2:00

We will have Music on Tuesdays and Chapel on Thursdays.