4s Class

Pre K Class                                     April/May 2017

 Classroom News    March was spent learning about Dr. Seuss, our Five Senses, and the wonderful season of spring!  We read many of Dr. Seuss’ books and loved listening for all of the rhyming words.  The children had fun learning about their five senses.  They decided their favorite was the sense of taste!  We had a great tasting party as we learned about that sense!  We have spent a lot of time looking for signs of spring, however the only one we really saw was rain!  The children also enjoyed a day of cooking with Miss Dona.  She taught us how to make a fruit dip.  We are looking forward to the next 2 months and learning about Easter and the great sacrifice God made for us.  We will also be learning about caterpillars and butterflies, and the season of summer. 

 Reading Program     We will begin our reading program in April.  Be sure to look for the packet that was sent home.  After you read to your child, write the name of the book you read on one of the popcorn pictures in the packet, have your child color it, cut it out, and bring it into school.  They will hang it on the wall in the hallway.  We will have a celebration of reading party at the end of the month!

Field Trips   We have 2 field trips coming up in April.  The first one is Wednesday, April 5th.  We will begin at Schnucks grocery store and end up at Rosati’s Pizza.  Due to lack of space, no parents may attend.  Our second one is Wednesday, April 19th.  We will be having a fitness day at Rising Stars Gymnastics Academy.    We also have one field trip in May.  On Thursday, May 4, weather permitting, we will spend our whole class time at Tipton Park.  Parents are welcome to attend!

Family Fun Night    We will be hosting our first ever Family Fun Night on Thursday, April 27 from 6 – 7:30 in Fellowship Hall.  There will be games, face painting, food, fellowship, and lots of fun!  We encourage you to bring friends!

Graduation    We will be holding our preschool graduation on Thursday, May 11th at 6pm in the Sanctuary.  There will be a graduation ceremony followed by a cake reception in Fellowship Hall.  The children will be wearing graduation gowns from the school along with the cap and tassel you have purchased.  We would like the children to meet in our classroom at 5:45.  All are welcome to attend!

 Upcoming Dates     April 5      Field trip to Schnucks and Rosati’s

April 17    No School

April 19    Field trip to Rising Stars Gymnastics Academy

April 27    Family Fun Night

May 4       Fun Day at Tipton Park (weather permitting)

May 11      Graduation

Birthdays      April 1      Morgan       April 12    Kadence

Pre K Class                                        March 2017

Classroom News    February was filled with love!  We learned about God’s command for us to love each other.  The children learned that sharing, using kind words, and helping others are all ways to show love to others.  We also learned about Community Helpers.  Check out the wall in the hallway to see what your child wants to be when they grow up!  We also had a visitor from Pediatric Smiles come in and teach us about taking care of our teeth.  We are looking forward to spring in March!      We continue to work on letter recognition and sounds, writing and cutting skills, sight words, listening while others speak, and being attentive during circle time.  The children will be ready for kindergarten!

Parent/Teacher Conferences     Thank you for coming in for Parent/Teacher conferences!  It was great to see you!

Kindness Tree    The children worked hard to fill our Kindness tree!  We will be celebrating all these acts of kindness with an ice cream party on Wednesday, March 1st!  While the tree may not be up in the hallway anymore, we are still encouraging acts of kindness.  We would love to hear what the children are doing outside of school to show kindness to others!

Kindergarten Registration     I handed out information regarding registration at parent/teacher conferences.  Unit 5 will hold theirs on Tuesday, March 14.  Check the flier you received for the times for your school.  Those of you in District 87, check the flier you received for your date and time.  If you need another copy, please let me know.

Upcoming Dates     March 27-30             Spring Break – No school

 Birthdays     Hadleigh           March 8                   Isaac                March 8

Pre K Class                                        February 2017

Classroom News      January kept us very busy!  We learned about the season of Winter, made snowflake with puff paints, made s’mores with Miss Dona, learned about being healthy, and celebrated Lutheran Schools Week.  The children loved their time with Pastor Kevin and learning his fun songs and they also loved having a pizza party with their family and friends.     In February we will be learning about Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Community Helpers.  We looking forward to our Valentine’s Day party! 

Valentine’s Day Party     Our Valentine’s Day Party on Tuesday, February 14th at 10:15 in our classroom.  The children can bring in valentines for their friends.  We do ask that they only write their name in the “from” section and leave the “to” section blank.  This way they can deliver one valentine to each friend and not have to match the names.  They can bring their completed valentines to school anytime before the 14th

Parent/Teacher Conferences   We will be holding Parent/Teacher Conferences on February 15th and 16th.  I will be sending home reminder notes next week.  Please remember there is no class on those days.

Kindness Tree    Your child brought home a note about our Kindness Tree on Tuesday.  We are looking for and encouraging acts of kindness at school and hope you are looking for and encouraging them at home as well!  When your child does an act of kindness, write it on the heart they brought home and they can hang it on the tree in the hallway!  We are hoping for at least 100 acts of kindness!  If we reach that goal we will have an ice cream party!

Kindergarten Registration   It is almost time to register for kindergarten!  We will be posting dates as school districts release them.  Unit 5 has already set theirs for Tuesday, March 14.  Keep your eyes open for your school districts dates!

Upcoming Dates

February 14           Valentine’s Day Party 10:15

February 15-16       Parent/Teacher Conferences – No School

Birthdays                                 Ella              Feb. 16

 Pre-K Class   January 2017

Classroom News    December was full of joy and celebration as we learned the true meaning of Christmas and the most wonderful gift ever!  The children loved acting out the story of the Nativity!  They enjoyed making wonderful Christmas crafts and ornaments, singing Christmas songs for the Sharing Joys bible class at church, and even making a “Jesus in the manger” snack!  The Polar Express field trip was enjoyed by all and we had a great visitor from Miller Park Zoo come teach us all about reindeer!  We topped off the month with a celebration of Jesus’ birth at our Christmas Program.

In January we will be learning about the season of Winter, Winter Animals, Health and Fitness.  Our journey through the alphabet will continue with the letters M, N, O, and W.   We will also celebrate Lutheran Schools Week.

Parent/Teacher Conferences        We will be holding Parent/Teacher Conferences in February.  These are short meetings in which we will discuss skills assessments, which we are completing during class, kindergarten readiness, and any other items you would like to discuss.  There will be a sign up sheet in the classroom later on in January.  There will be no class on conference days.

Kindergarten Preparedness      We work hard each and every day on kindergarten readiness skills.  As we enter into the second half of the school year, we will focus even more on these skills.  Sitting and focusing on longer (age appropriate) lessons, raising hands to talk, following multi step directions, and self help skills, such as putting on and zipping their own coats are all things we will work towards.

Backpacks     Please remember to check your child’s backpack every day.  You don’t want to miss important information!

Kindergarten Registration     It is almost time to register for kindergarten!  We will be posting dates as school districts release them.  Unit 5 has already set theirs for Tuesday, March 14.  Keep your eyes open for your school districts dates!

Upcoming Dates

January 23-26        Lutheran Schools Week

February 14           Valentine’s Day Party 10:15

February 15-16       Parent/Teacher Conferences

Birthdays                                                  Half Birthdays

January 9              Sadhvi                                               July 5          Maddux

January 12            James                                                July 31         Ayanna