3’s Class

Threes Class                                     April/May 2017

 Classroom Notes     March was full of fun and learning!  We had a great time learning about frogs!  We made fun frog crafts as we practiced cutting skills, played frog games as we practice our fine and large motor skills, and learned frog songs as we practiced counting skills!  We also learned about the season of spring.  We learned about signs of spring and the weather it usually brings.  All of the children were in agreement that they do not like the thunderstorms! We also enjoyed chapel time with Pastor and music time with Mrs. Patty.

Field Trips   We will have one field trip in April and one in May.  On Wednesday, April 19th we will be going to Rising Stars Gymnastics Academy for an afternoon of fitness fun!  Look for the information to be coming home soon! In May we will have our Fun Day at Tipton Park.  We will meet from 8:45-11:00 on this day, weather permitting.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Reading Program   We will begin our reading program in April.  Be sure to look for the packet that was sent home.  After you read to your child, write the name of the book you read on one of the popcorn pictures in the packet, have your child color it, cut it out, and bring it into school.  They will hang it on the wall in the hallway.  We will have a celebration of reading party at the end of the month!

Family Fun Night   We will be hosting our first ever Family Fun Night on Thursday, April 27 from 6 – 7:30 in Fellowship Hall.  There will be games, face painting, food, fellowship, and lots of fun!  We encourage you to bring friends!

Registration    If you have not already registered for next year, be sure to do that soon!  Be sure to spread the word that we still have openings!                                 

 Birthdays      April 9      Blake

 Upcoming Dates           

April 19    Field Trip to Rising Stars

April 27    Family Fun Night

May 4       Fun Day at Tipton Park  8:45-11:00 (weather permitting)

May 11      Last Day of school

 3″s AM  April/ May

In April…We will do many caterpillar and butterfly activities in class this month, and we will even be observing real caterpillars changing to butterflies in our classroom!  Towards the end of the month we will learn about  zoo animals. We will focus on Easter and the death and resurrection of Jesus.  We will learn a jellybean prayer, make resurrection rolls, and have an Easter egg hunt.  Hopefully the weather will warm up so we can spend some time outside on the playground! 

Zoo Field Trip…We will go to Miller Park Zoo on Tuesday April 18th.  During our field trip, the students will attend a classroom program where a zookeeper will show/teach us some things about animals.  Then our class will tour the zoo.  Be looking for a permission slip with more information to come home soon.   Reading books program:  Beginning April 3 and going until April 20th, we will have a Reading program. This year’s challenge will be to read at least 10 books with your child during this time. Each time a book is complete, write the book title on the popcorn and we’ll hang it on the wall in the hallway. On the 20th we will have a little party at the end of the preschool day with a few games and a popcorn snack. Each child will receive a special book to take home that day. We hope you enjoy this challenge and that reading with your child becomes a treasured time together.

 Mark this day on the calendar!! April 27 6-7:30  We are having our first Family Fun Night!! We will have games and popcorn and a craft area for you and your family to enjoy. It is to celebrate our wonderful families and to encourage you to bring new families who may want to register their children in our program. We will be sending out more details on a separate form. Be sure to watch for it soon!!

Our final 2 fundraisers are Rosati’s Pizza on April 5th and Dairy Queen May 2nd. We will also enjoy a fun day at Tipton Park. Information sheets on all of these events will be sent home soon.

Our final day of school will be Thursday May 11th.

         3’s AM                March 

 THANK YOU!!!to everyone who came to our Valentine’s Day Party and those who ate at Avanti’s in February!  We appreciate your support!   

THANK YOU to all the parents who attended the parent teacher conferences.    Also thank you to all the families who participated in our kindness tree. The children had a wonderful time bringing the hearts and sharing the kindness they had done for one another. The tree looks wonderful!!  The ice cream party should be a fun day as well.The      Bible verse for March is: “Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.”  Luke 11:4. This will be a great verse as we continue with our Miss Bee Polite lessons and reinforce saying I’m sorry to each other.

Lesson Themes in March…Frogs & Spring     Bible Stories…Jesus promises to be with me, Jesus knows my name, Zacchaeus, and the children praise Jesus

            SHAPE:  Diamond            COLOR:  Green

NO SCHOOL—March 28, 29 and 30 due to Spring Break

Some of our other activities will include lily pads and frog fun, kites and windy weather, flowers, rain and rainbows.         There are no March birthdays in our classroom.

             Threes Class PM                                     March 2017

February was a busy month full of love!  We learned about how the shape of a heart represents love and that Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate those that we love.  Our bible verse taught us that God tells us to love everyone as He loves us.  Sharing, using kind words, and helping others were some ways the children learned to show love to others.  We discussed many ways to “bee kind” to others and use manners.  The children enjoyed a fun filled Valentine’s Day party and a great field trip to the Normal Public Library.  We head into March looking forward to spring!We are working hard in class on sitting and paying attention for circle time, listening while others are talking, writing names, and using scissors.  We are also working on letter recognition through games and activities. 

Kindness Tree   We are so excited to see all the hearts on our kindness tree!  The children worked very hard to show kindness all month.  We will celebrate with an ice cream party on Wednesday, March 1st!  While the kindness tree may not be in the hall any longer, we hope that the children continue to work on being kind.  We would love to hear about their acts of kindness!

Parent/Teacher Conferences    It was wonderful to see all of you at conferences!  Thank you for taking the time to come in and discuss your child’s progress. 

Registration  If you have not already registered for next year, be sure to do that soon!  Be sure to spread the word that we still have openings!                                 

 Upcoming Dates  Field Trip to Rising Stars     Spring Break

                                             February 2017  3’s AM

Color of the Month: PINK & PURPLE

Shape of the Month: HEART

Class Themes: Health, Nutrition, Manners

Bible Verse: “This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12, ESV).

February Birthdays:

Emi— ½ Birthday February 2nd  

Anastasia— ½ Birthday February 20th

Aiden— ½ Birthday February 18th

Katie— ½ Birthday February 27th

 Dates to Remember:

February 14th –Valentine’s Day Parties

February 15th & 16th –Parent Teacher Conferences

February 23rd –Field Trip Normal Public Library

 Last Month Review:   We read lots of nursery rhymes and learned about penguins and their icy environment. We made a rectangle penguin, painted with ice-cubes, and had fun with a cool sliding, rolling, and sticking to the ice experiment. We also enjoyed Lutheran’s school week!

February Lessons:   Our lessons will consist of learning about healthy versus non-healthy foods as well as the importance of exercising. We will make Valentines, make a healthy food choice collages, and exercise to music in motion. We will also be going on a Field Trip to the Normal Public Library! Parents are welcome to attend our Valentine’s Day Party from 10:45AM-11:00AM. There are 12 children in the class. When you make out the Valentine cards please only write your child’s name on the card. This will make it easier for your child to pass out on Valentine’s Day.

Homework: Play children’s music and sing/dance with your child. Research shows that kids who are actively involved in music:  do better in reading and math when they start school, are better able to focus and control their bodies, play better with others and have higher self-esteem.

Threes Class PM                                  February 2017

Classroom Notes   January was full of fun and learning!  We learned about the season of winter, penguins, rectangles, and the color white.  We had lots of fun celebrating Lutheran Schools Week!  Pastor Kevin came and taught us many new songs, and we especially enjoyed the pizza party with our families!  The children also learned about rocks and how Jesus is our Rock!

In February we will cover such topics as Health, Manners, and Valentine’s Day.  Our colors will be pink and purple and our shape is a heart.  We look forward to our Valentine’s Day party and a fun field trip as well!

Valentine’s Day Party   We will celebrate Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, February 14th.  Our party will begin at 1:15 in our classroom.  The children can bring in Valentine’s for their friends.  We ask that you help your child write their name only on the “from” section and leave the “to” blank.  This way they can drop one in each friends’ bag and not worry about who it should go to.  You can send these to school anytime before the 14th

Parent/Teacher Conferences    We will be having conferences on February 15th and 16th.  Reminder notes will be going home next Tuesday.  Please remember there is no school on those days. 

Field Trip     On Thursday, February 23rd we will be going on a field trip to the Normal Public Library.  We will get to look around the library, hear stories, and play in their playroom!  Class time that day will be 12:00-2:00.

Kindness Tree    Your child brought home a note about our Kindness Tree on Tuesday.  We are looking for and encouraging acts of kindness at school and hope you are looking for and encouraging them at home as well!  When your child does an act of kindness, write it on the heart they brought home and they can hang it on the tree in the hallway!  We are hoping for at least 100 acts of kindness!  If we reach that goal we will have an ice cream party!

Birthdays                                                  Half Birthday

Ishan                    Feb. 18                                               Jeet            Aug. 19

 Upcoming Dates

February 14           Valentine’s Day Party

February 15-16       Parent/Teacher Conferences – No class on these days

February 23           Field trip to Normal Public Library 12-2


January Newsletter 3’s AM

Color of the Month: WHITE        Shape of the Month: RECTANGLE


Bible Verse: “Do to others as you would have done to you.”

(Luke 6:31)

January Birthdays:

Emmet – Birthday January 10

Ansley – Birthday January 18

Kyle – Half-Birthday January 19

Dates to Remember:

January 24-26 Lutheran School’s Week

Last Month Review:  Our activities and crafts revolved around our Christmas theme, stars, as well as silver and gold. During circle time, we review the days of the week as well as patterns and numbers. In addition, we learned lots of songs! We hope you enjoyed the calendar your child made you for Christmas, they worked very hard!

January Lessons:   We will be reading nursery rhymes, learning about penguins, and winter concepts. We will learn lots about penguins! After making a rectangle penguin, we will have fun with a “sliding” experiment. We will enhance our language skills by learning more nursery rhymes, and paint with ice cubes. Some rhymes include: Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo Peep, Ba Ba Black sheep, Hickory Dickory Dock, Jack and Jill, Mary had a little lamb, London Bridge, Ring around the Rosie, Little Jack Horner & Mary Mary Quite Contrary.

 Thanks! It was great seeing everyone at the Christmas Program. We hope you enjoyed the event.


Shannon Stadnik, Teacher

Teri Schueler, Teacher Assistant


3’s PM

January Newsletter

Classroom Notes   We had a very busy and fun month of December!  We learned all about the meaning of Christmas and the birth of our Savior.  The children loved acting out the story of the Nativity.  We worked on fine motor skills through various Christmas crafts, using white boards for letter practice, and playing in sand!  The children also enjoyed creating their own special Christmas gift for mom and dad!  We loved ending our month with a Christmas program celebrating the birth of Jesus!

January will bring more fun and learning about such topics as Winter, Penguins, the color white and rectangles.  We will also be celebrating Lutheran Schools Week.  More information will be coming home regarding events for the week!

Show and Tell     The children have enjoyed show and tell very much!  They do love being in front of their friends and sharing their treasures!  We will begin having show and tell everyday (unless noted).  There is a separate note and schedule you will receive for this.  If your child forgets to bring something – don’t worry!  They will still have the opportunity to share things about themselves!  They love asking each other questions and seeing what things they have in common!

Parent/Teacher Conferences       We will be having conferences in February.   I will be sharing assessments that have been done in class and any other information regarding your child’s progress.  There will be a sign up sheet out in the classroom later in January.

Helpful Tips     We work on fine motor skills every school day.  The children need repeated opportunities to strengthen the muscles needed to write and cut with scissors.  Playing with playdough, picking up tiny objects with two fingers, coloring, drawing, manipulating puzzle pieces, and stacking objects are all great ways to help them improve these skills!

Upcoming Dates

January 23-26        Lutheran Schools Week

February 14           Valentine’s Day Party

February 15-16       Parent/Teacher Conferences – No class on these days

Half Birthday

Isabelle                 June 29