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THANK YOU to all the parents who attended the parent teacher conferences.     Also thank you to all the families who participated in our kindness tree. The children had a wonderful time bringing the hearts and sharing the kindness they had done for one another. The tree looked wonderful!!  The ice cream party was enjoyed by most of our children as well.        The Bible verse for March is: “Forgive us our sins,” Luke 11:4.

Lesson Themes in March… Community Helpers, Stories we can find in the Library, and manners         SHAPE:  Diamond                  COLOR:  Green

Trip to Normal Library March 14th  at  9:00    No School due to Spring Break  March 26-28

Family Fun Night is March 21   6-7:30 Bring the family for an evening of games and pizza!

There are no March birthdays in our classroom.

 In February…  We will have fun learning about Valentine’s Day and that the heart means Love. Love of family and God’s Love

SHAPE:  H eart        COLORS:  Purple and pink                                        

Valentines…On February 14th please bring your valentines to pass out to classmates for our Valentine’s Day Party. Please write your child’s name on each one. The list of the classmates is included on the red paper about the party. We will begin our party at 10:00, but parents do not need to attend.

 Parent-Teacher Conferences…We will have conferences on Tuesday Feb.22. There is a sign-up sheet in the classroom. We have ½ hour time slots, but I don’t expect them to last that long. I like to leave extra time for conversation without going over into the next child’s time.  I look forward to meeting with you!

  February Birthday:

Belle Diamond-10            Levi-27

 Special Dates in February:

14th– Valentine’s Day party

22nd -conference day

27th –Pediatric Smiles visit

28th Kindness party

 January Newsletter

  This month our focus will on winter fun- snowflakes and snowmen. We will also spend a week learning about being healthy, and one week learning about friendship.   We will be staying with our regular schedule, but we will begin to introduce some new learning skills. We have been working on recognizing our name, and this month we will begin to practice writing the letters in our name. We will have some fun time using the I-Pad for learning letter and number recognition. We will encourage more independence in washing hands at arrival and going to the bathroom as needed rather than a set time where everyone goes together. We will be introducing the rectangle shape and the color white this month. We encourage you to look for things at home or when you shop that are shapes and colors they recognize.   At the end of the month we will be celebrating Lutheran School Week. Look for more information coming soon!          Stay warm and healthy!      

November updateWe hope you enjoyed Grandparent/VIP Day—thanks to all who came!  We hope you had fun! We did!  For our Thanksgiving feast, our class played the part of the Pilgrims, while Ms. Denise’s class played the part of the Indians.  We all feasted on chicken nuggets, tator tots, rolls and a cookie. (much like the original feast J )

In DecemberThis month our focus will be on Christmas, most importantly the birth of Jesus.  We will count down to Christmas using an advent chain which you will see in the classroom. We will also be sending home an advent sticker book to help teach the Christmas story at home.    We will enjoy many fun crafts surrounding the other aspects of Christmas, such as  trees, ornaments and stars. We will also be creating a special gift to bring home!  We will continue to work with shapes as we introduce the star shape, and the new colors are silver and gold.  During free choice time we will have the Playskool nativity set available for the children to play with as we learn the nativity story.  This year our tree for the preschool is going to be a Teddy Bear-Prayer tree. The teddy bears will be donated to the Children’s Hospital in Peoria.  There is a basket of ribbons beside the tree and we ask that you choose a ribbon or two, say a prayer for the children in the hospital, and then tie a ribbon on the tree. Our hope is that by Christmas, our tree is completely covered with prayer ribbons. We are also presenting the option to everyone to donate towards the purchase of the bears, or bring a new one to add to the collection under the tree.  One of our preschool Moms works at the hospital and is excited to take the bears to the little one she works with. It’s a great opportunity to teach the preschoolers the importance of prayer.  This also helps to teach the preschoolers the gift of giving to others, such as a comforting teddy when you don’t feel well in the hospital.  We hope you all participate in this important part of our Christmas celebration.      Be sure to plan to attend our Christmas party and program on December 20 at 9:30. We will meet in the sanctuary for the Christmas concert, then we will all gather in the fellowship hall for cake afterwards. This is the most delightful day of the year!

December 24- January 3    No School for Christmas Break

 January 8, 2019—Welcome back to school!

   November Newsletter

Class notes:  In October we learned about pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, firemen, leaves and fall fun. We enjoyed our visit from the firemen and fire trucks. In November we will talk about family, manners, turkeys and Thanksgiving. If you’d like to know what we are doing in class each day, a schedule is posted on the board right inside the door. Also, if the doorway is congested, you may also exit thru the other door and exit out the “game room”/ church nursery.

Can Food Drive: We will be having our annual canned food drive this month. Boxes will be set up in the entry way. This year it is being sponsored by Thrivent Financial. Thrivent is a Lutheran based financial planning company that works closely with Christ Lutheran Church.

Grandparent/VIP Day…On November 14th  we hope that a grandparent(s) or another Very Important Person in your child’s life (a friend, parent, aunt/uncle,…) can come and join us for some fun.  We will sing some songs, listen to a story, have a snack, and make a craft. Guests can begin to arrive beginning at 9:30, with the program beginning at 9:45.

SHAPE:  Triangle                  COLORS:  Yellow & Brown

Happy Birthday:  Julia – 27th

 Special Events This Month in Our Classroom:

November 6th —Progress reports sent home    November 6th – canned food drive begins

November 14th —Grandparent/VIP Day begins at  9:45

November 20th—Thanksgiving Feast (students only)

November 21-22th—No School, Thanksgiving Break

We hope your children are enjoying the 3’s class at Shining Lights! If you ever have questions or concerns, please contact me in person, or send an e-mail at ashiningstart@frontier.com.  Thank you for all you do to help us make this a fun and wonderful experience for you and your child.

October 2018

Dates to Remember

Oct. 8    no preschool

Oct.12  cookie fundraiser begins

Oct. 25  Fall Parties 9:30-10:30 am

Oct. 29  cookie fundraiser ends

Rader Farms

We experienced lots of fun things, and learned about the fall season on our field trip to Rader Family Farms. We hope you had fun!!


The second installment tuition payments are due on or before Tuesday October 2nd. 

Please place your tuition payment in the box on the tray  in the hallway by the 3’s room.

Kids 4 Kids Wish Walk

Be sure to sign up for our preschool sponsored Kids 4 Kids wish walk for Make-A-Wish. Come and enjoy the beautiful fall weather with a walk through Tipton Park. T-shirts will be available. Come join the fun of your child helping others.

 Fire Safety

We will discuss a little about fire safety this month.  The Normal Fire Dept will be coming for a visit on Thursday Oct. 20th. 

 Fall Parties

Fall Parties will take place on Thursday, October 25th.  Please have your child arrive at preschool in his or her costume for the day.  Please don’t wear scary costumes or bring props such as guns, swords, knives, or weapons to school. We will have regular class until the parade begins at 9:30 am,. The children will parade around the inside of the church building in their costumes.  You are welcome to watch as the parade as the preschoolers collect treats from the church staff.  After the parade, the children will have a class party.

Looking Ahead

Nov. 7th—–Progress Reports will be sent home.  (Parent teacher conferences will be held in February.)

Nov. 15th  —-Grandparent or VIP Day

Nov. 21-22—No Preschool-  Happy Thanksgiving!

3’s News        September 2018

We have a new 3’s assistant teacher this year. Her name is Ms. Sarah and she really likes to teach children about God and his world. 

   This month we are talking about the color red and the circle shape. The themes for September are: All about me and apples. We have a few special days to share together this month. Our friend Blake is having a birthday on Sept.12th. We will all be at the ice cream social in the evening of Sept. 13th. We will all bring our best smiles to picture day on the 20th and our first all school field trip to Rader Family Farms on Sept. 26th 

    We are learning all about our new friends, new teachers and all the fun things we get to do in school. We are a wonderfully sweet group of children and we know this is going to be a great year!!